Work Order System

The work orders can be classified according to the needs of the enterprise, which is conducive to the summary, classification and management of problems in the later stage. In addition, the work order management section can also set the priority of the work order and handle the work order problems in order according to the importance of the work order. Setting priorities can improve efficiency, facilitate the priority arrangement of personnel to solve important emergencies, and effectively improve the efficiency of solving problems.

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Work Orders to Sites

You can associate company/customer work orders to sites in two ways:
A. Reference work order: the site can only be used, and has no right to modify the template. Applicable to situations where the company/customer has unified requirements for templates;
B. Copy the work order, which belongs to the site after copying. The site can modify the template, but the modification of one site will not affect the template of other copy sites, nor the original template of the company/customer. It is applicable to small differences in templates in different places, which can be copied before modification.

Customizable Work Order

The main process from declaration to completion includes: declaration, approval, implementation, acceptance, completion and other steps. When designing the work order of equipment or place, you can customize the items to be checked, and you can add various elements such as single selection, multiple selection, numerical value, video, photo, time, photo, table, multi-column and drop-down list, etc.

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Monitor Center

The work order monitor center can monitor the completion status and progress of the work order in real time, and edit the concerned sites and personnel. The selected personnel have the right to view the work order information submitted by the selected sites. Real-time monitoring can also edit a declaration center into one or more positions for monitoring.

Work Order Reports

Work order reports include site work order summary, personnel work order summary, and work order details summary. Work orders are queried by serial number. Each report has multiple filter conditions. The queried report can view the details of a single work order separately or export the Excel report of all work orders.

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