E-form System

As one of the advanced functions of OGP, E-forms can be used to collect data with uniform format. These data can be used as the data source of one thing one code dynamic file. Simple to use it by binding E-form to the QR tag. 

Its application scenarios include equipment patrol and maintenance, fire inspection, patrol, hidden danger detection, vehicle management, order circulation and other one-thing and one-code scenarios, and can also be used as information collection for meeting sign-in, entry and exit registration, message suggestion, article requisition registration, etc.

guard tour monitoring system

Three Types E-form

There are three E-forms:
1) Check point tag form (the form can be associated with checkpoint tag in the patrol route and downloaded to the mobile APP with the task, after the QR code or NFC tag is scanned, the form will pop up automatically)
2) Live code: scan QR code or NFC to pop up a form
3) Live form: the form will be automatically downloaded to the mobile APP, and you can start the form directly.

Form to Site

There are two ways to associate a company/customer Form to Site:
A. Referenced form: the site can only be used and has no right to modify the template. Applicable to situations where the company/customer has unified requirements for templates;
B. The copied form belongs to the site. The site can modify the template, but the modification of one site will not affect the template of other copy sites, nor the original template of the company/customer. It is applicable to small differences in templates in different sites, which can be copied before modification.

guard tour monitoring system

Form Design

The system provides dozens of commonly used Form elements to simplify form design. For example: single choice, multiple choice, photo taking, recording, notes, table, text, title,etc. You can complete your own form by dragging or editing form elements.

In the design of the patrol form, the qualified range can be set for most items. The unqualified form can be subscribed, counted or used as a condition to trigger the work order system. For example, the range of temperature values, unqualified items with single or multiple selections, etc. 

In addition, in the form design, you can also fill in the inspection methods and standards for the inspection items and personnel to check at any time.

Form Reports

There are three types of Form reports: Form details, Submitted forms, and Exception form summary. You can search and view the form reports by customer/site, form name and date. You can also export the Excel or push the file, set the recipient's mailbox or user APP, choose Auto Send Mail, then the system will automatically send the form information to the specified mailbox or APP when the user submits the form.

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