Time Attendance System

The Time Attendance system can manage the employees' commuting attendance records and other related information, combined with face recognition, high-precision indoor positioning, mobile internet, cloud computing and other technologies, it is not limited by attendance location and time, which solves the problem of attendance difficulty for field staff, and has a very positive significance and value for standardizing management and improving work efficiency.

guard tour monitoring system

Flexible Shift Setting

The number of shifts and the standard commuting time of each shift can be flexibly set according to the actual situation of the enterprise. The system can automatically determine whether the clocking data of employees is on or off duty according to the settings, without human intervention.

Attendance Reports

There are two kinds of attendance reports: attendance details and attendance summary. You can filter by time, customer, place, person and other different conditions. The queried report can view the details separately or export to Excel report.

guard tour monitoring system


Advantages of mobile phone attendance:
Always available as long as the device is online.
Easy to use, no need to download a lot of tasks.
Knowing where your employees are to ensure their safety.
Increase employee productivity through easy scheduling.
Automated reporting improves work transparency.

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