Post Code
New employees can scan the post code to obtain the patrol task, check the patrol schedules, checkpoints and other information at any time, and reduce the training time and cost of new employees.
Support NFC/RFID/QR/GPS checkpoints to enhance the diversity and convenience.
Photo Patrol for Anti-Fraud
Managers can prove whether employees have completed their work by setting the probability of taking photos, the probability of face recognition, and the effective range of scanning code for checkpoints.
Set the location of checkpoints and the effective range of scanning code, SOS, mandown location. Optional: real-time location of employees, patrol track, historical track and other functions.
Checkpoints Associate Form
The form will be opened automatically when the employee scans the checkpoints. The user-defined form can include: description, question, option, form, photo, signature and other 30+elements to remind the employee what to do, how to do and multiple inspection items to avoid patrol without inspection!
Patrol Schedule
Create various patrol schedules, push patrol reminders for employees, monitor patrol progress, and automatically generate assessment reports according to the schedules.
Incident Report
In case of any fault or event during the patrol, employees can report the event form with photos, videos, sounds, text, signatures and other elements on the APP, and the report will be uploaded to the monitoring center or the designated recipient's mailbox in real time.
Report Subscription
After setting the recipient's mailbox, the patrol & event reports will be automatically sent at the specified time.
Lone Work Monitoring
APP provides SOS alarm, mandown detection function, and real-time upload to the monitoring center.
Monitor Center
Real-time monitoring of staff patrol progress, incident report, personnel danger and SOS through the network.

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The checkpoint tag can be QR code, NFC, Bluetooth, or even GPS point.
Electronic fence (location) can be set for patrol tags for patrol monitoring and anti-cheating monitoring.
You can set the probability of spot-checking whether the patrol man cheats. The default value is 0%, which means there is no need to take pictures when scanning patrol tag, 100% means patrolman must take photos every time when scanning patrol tag. Manager can view and review the photo results in the system.

guard tour monitoring system

Patrol Schedules

Patrol schedules can be set for patrol routes.
Patrolman need to complete patrol tasks according to the patrol schedules.
The patrol schedules include daily schedule, weekly schedule, monthly schedule and user-defined schedule; You can set the effective period of the schedule, or set the effective period every year; It supports to patrol in a specific order, or random sampling, the temporary patrol is also supported.
Patrol routes can be randomly inspected without schedules. Random patrol can be checked in the flow report.

Post Code

Position code is a unique function of OGP. 
The patrolman can obtain the patrol route by scanning the position tag, can realize temporary shift patrol or temporary spot check by the supervisor.  

After obtain the patrol task, the patrolman can see the location information of the patrol tags on the map. While facilitating patrol, it also saves the time for managers to set different tasks for different patrolman in different places.

The position can be bound with parameters such as attendance shift, patrol route, work order content, etc. Employees with different attributes can complete corresponding work by reading the position point.
For example, the attendance staff can obtain the position shift by reading the position point to realize temporary shift attendance.

guard tour monitoring system

Incident Report

In case of emergencies during patrol, patrolman can report the incident on APP. The incident report supports adding pictures, text, voice and geographical location, etc. The manager can view and handle in time on the background patrol monitoring (real-time monitoring) interface. 
The event report can also be sent immediately or scheduled to send to the specified mailbox for recording process.

Real-time Monitor

Real-time monitoring function: the control center person can monitor the patrol progress in real time, and make decisions on the patrol events or patrolman according to the actual situation. 

The patrol real-time monitoring main interface is used to monitor the patrol progress of all routes. Users can customize parameters such as refresh frequency, monitoring location, monitoring time window and monitoring status.

When there is a problem with the patrol progress, the current patrol task data will display a phone icon. Click the icon to view the relevant contacts and contact numbers of the current patrol task. The personnel in the control room can timely contact the relevant person to confirm the problem, make records and adjustment.

guard tour monitoring system

Patrol Reminder

Patrol reminder function can batch set reminders related to patrol tasks received by each employee in the APP. Set "Patrolman" and "Subscribe to Patrol Alert Supervisor" in "Patrol route". When no one patrols, all the designated patrolmen and supervisors will receive patrol reminders. When someone patrols, only the patrolman and supervisor can receive the patrol reminder.

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