Cloud Patrol System

In recent years,with the rapid development of science and technology,

The technology of patrol system technology is also constantly innovating,

Make the patrol products easier to use and practical.

Cloud patrol system is a high-tech product,

It fully considers the convenience and quickness of users,

It can not only realize the effective supervision of patrol work,

And through scientific and strict management

To improve work efficiency.

According to the set patrol plan,

Determine the patrol rules through patrol lines and patrol points,

Assign patrol patrol lines,

Every time the patrolman goes to a patrol point,

Use the patrol equipment to read the patrol point equipment,

The patrol record is uploaded to the management system,

The management personnel can take timely countermeasures against the patrol situation.

Employees clock in with Bluetooth base station mobile app,

Property management personnel manage staff patrol tasks, patrol routes, patrol items, etc. in the background,

Reasonably arrange personnel scheduling,

Reduce the workload of property management,

Save management costs.



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