Uzbekistan Pipeline Patrol

With the development of economy, there are many new buildings, industrial areas and infrustructure construction along gas pipes, make the environment of these are charging with safety problems. So it is necessary to patrol which can find problems and solve all in time.
1, It is very hard to install tags along pipe, since most pipes are under groud.It is better if do not need to install or scan tags.

2, Most guys drive vehicle to patrol pipes,it will good no need to get off the vehichle to scan tags.
3, We need real time system, if the staff find some problems can report it immediately,
4, The pipe is important, if really have some problems, we need to know whether we need to solve it right now, so it is perfect if have pictures or voice records to check.

5, We have traditional system, but we can not sure the data is real, someone always cheat, so we need a reliable system.



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