SOS & Mandown

How do we keep the security officer safe?

1, SOS button, some rails maybe pass the field or bridge, there are some garbage near them, if get on fire, the security officer does not have enough time to explian the situation, then he can press SOS button to ask for help. The control room or admin get the notification by the software or mobile phone, can assign other staff to see what happen as soon as possible. Avoid more losses.

2, Call funtion, some secuerity officers will patrol alone, if he meet some problems, and can not sure how to solve it, or he do not have right to decide, then they can call, explain the detail situation and make a positive feedback.

3, Mandown, if staff works in danger environment, like repair eletric power. If he falls in a faint, the reader drop on the ground and the reader does not move for seconds, the reader will send a signal to tell you the staff get problems, need to help him ASAP. 



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