Fire safety inspection

When there are major security tasks, holidays, winter and summer vacations, and other security work, the Security Department should promptly organize relevant fire safety managers to conduct fire safety inspections on key areas. The inspection includes:
1. The development and implementation of the fire safety post responsibility system for each department:
2. The learning and training of fire prevention knowledge in various departments;
3. Management, inspection, and registration of key fire safety areas;
4. The post duty, facility operation, accident handling, and duty records of the fire center;
5. Implementation of fire prevention measures by various departments
6. Check the implementation and rectification of fire hazards discovered;
7. Check the setting, integrity, and effectiveness of fire safety signs;
8. Check the safety evacuation routes and signs, emergency lighting, and safety exits:
9. Implementation of fire and explosion safety measures for public gathering places, flammable and explosive materials, and other important materials;
10. The allocation and effectiveness of various fire-fighting facilities, water sources, and fire-fighting equipment;
11. Whether there are violations in the use of fire and electricity;
12. The mastery and operation of firefighting knowledge by key workers and other employees:
13. Other fire prevention parts and contents that need to be inspected.
Establish a sound fire inspection record system, and fill in the inspection records promptly after each fire inspection.



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