Process management of prefabricated parts

The new factory processing and on-site assembly building model has been widely applied. However, there are still problems such as difficulty in quality tracking, poor testing connection, inability to obtain product information in a timely manner, and mismatched shipments. There is an urgent need for a mechanism to track the quality of prefabricated components, which is the core of building quality control.

Prefabricated components (steel structure/concrete prefabricated components) use two-dimensional code to realize component quality inspection process management. The two-dimensional code of components labels component information, project number, project name, unique identification code, component number, component serial number, component name, overall dimensions, component unit weight and other information at a glance.

Record the two-dimensional code of prefabricated components (steel structure/concrete prefabricated parts) from material requisition, cutting, manufacturing process, quality inspection, packaging and shipment, on-site acceptance, to installation traceability.

Benefit of OGP System:
Preset patrol plan
Real-time tracking of employee task completion
Monitor patrol route
Notification of abnormal events
SOS guard accident push
Comprehensive patrol report
Cloud software management system



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