Elevator Maintenance

With the popularization of mobile internet, QR codes are becoming increasingly important in elevator maintenance management. The main features of elevator maintenance QR code are that there is no need to install APP software, and maintenance and repair management only requires WeChat to scan the elevator QR code label to add maintenance and repair records. Passengers and citizens can also learn about elevator maintenance inspection status through elevator QR codes and participate in elevator maintenance supervision and management.

The elevator maintenance personnel scan the QR code of the elevator, GPS real-time positioning ensures that the personnel are in place in real time, and on-site photography and voice recording are used to record the maintenance and repair status of the elevator, ensuring the quality of elevator maintenance and repair. 

Establish a comprehensive electronic record for elevator maintenance and repair. Add electronic maintenance form: Half monthly maintenance record, monthly maintenance record, quarterly maintenance record, annual maintenance record, maintenance project record, maintenance and repair evaluation.

Real time maintenance check-in, maintenance projects, and maintenance project SMS reminders can be used to view elevator on-site maintenance information, including car photos, shaft photos, pit photos, and pictures of replacement parts to strengthen supervision and ensure elevator maintenance quality.

Implement elevator maintenance and repair records using QR codes, and use QR codes to add and manage maintenance data. Unified data aggregation, timely feedback of abnormal data, rapid response, export of data, and real-time analysis.



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