Property Safety Management

After 30 years of development in property management, on the one hand, competition has become increasingly fierce, and at the same time, homeowners have increasingly high expectations for property management. How to effectively carry out standardized management, improve services, and enable all staff to effectively provide services is a question that every manager considers. Standardized management is implemented in departments, supplemented by systems, processes, and record forms to control each position and work item. At the same time, record forms are maintained to facilitate traceability and work assessment, so that work can be carried out in a systematic and orderly manner.

The entire industry has the following issues that need to be addressed:
Standardized management, excessive reliance on the sense of responsibility of external operators, and high arbitrariness in work execution, making it difficult to manage;
Recording results is difficult to analyze, and recording data is not helpful in implementing preventive maintenance strategies;
Compressing costs, all three existing recording methods have the problem of accumulated costs of consumables or high equipment costs;
Leaders at all levels and relevant departments can conveniently query records;

New management mode: QR code+cloud platform opens a new era of recording:
Add management, inspection records, and maintenance records without the need for hardware equipment or code scanning
Easy to operate, no need professional software 
Transparent information recording, owners can scan codes to understand management information, participate in supervision and leave messages
All recorded data is summarized in the background for easy analysis and archiving.



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