Property engineering equipment inspection

Equipment inspection management is a very important task for property management companies. The use of QR code technology and cloud platform will facilitate the inspection and management of property engineering equipment. Can be applied to property distribution system equipment inspection, water supply equipment inspection, fire equipment inspection, elevator equipment inspection, electrical engineering equipment inspection, related electromechanical equipment inspection, etc.

Property engineering equipment shall be labeled with QR codes, and corresponding record templates shall be added, such as daily equipment inspection, distribution equipment inspection, water pump room inspection, elevator inspection, fire equipment inspection, monitoring equipment inspection, etc. In combination with the company's equipment management system, maintenance system operation rules, and personnel assessment system, inspection personnel and management personnel permissions shall be assigned. Daily inspection, maintenance, and repair shall be directly recorded by scanning QR codes.

Owners scan and check the equipment maintenance status to understand the property inspection and maintenance work.

Patrol personnel can take photos of the equipment and the site and upload them in real-time. They can also send on-site recordings to cloud servers.

Whether the inspection personnel are truly in place for statistics can also prevent maintenance and inspection personnel from missing equipment inspection



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