Security system for Hospital

In hospital, OGP patrol system can record the patrol route and time of the security personnel to ensure the comprehensiveness and timeliness of the security patrol. The system can help security personnel monitor important areas of the hospital, such as wards, operating rooms, pharmacies, parking lots, etc., to ensure the safety of the hospital.

With the OGP System, the responsibilities of security personnel can be divided into areas, and different numbers of security guards and patrol frequencies can be assigned to frequently visited areas and restricted areas to prevent security accidents.

The application of the OGP patrol system can record the time and place of nurses’ ward rounds to ensure that nurses conduct ward rounds according to the prescribed time and place. At the same time, the patrol system can regularly remind nurses to conduct ward rounds to ensure that nurses will not forget to make ward rounds, and avoid dangerous situations such as delayed rescue of patients due to nurse negligence.

Applying the patrol system can improve the efficiency and accuracy of nurses’ ward rounds, thereby improving the patient’s treatment experience. It can help hospital administrators monitor the work of nurses, improve nursing management, improve the quality of care, and promote patient recovery.

The security patrol system can automatically generate ward round reports based on the information recorded by nurses, reducing manual entry errors and improving the accuracy of ward round information. OGP Guard tour systems provide a record of the security personnel’s patrols and checks, creating accountability for their actions. This can help ensure that security personnel are performing their duties as expected and can provide valuable evidence in case of an incident.



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